Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day One

I offer this for James.  And for your glory.  You've shown your goodness and your Son to me.  Thank you for spending this time with me.  Please guide me.  Be my Mother.  Comfort James.  And his family. 

Joyful.  Joyful.  Joyful mysteries. 

First, you remind me.  Humility.  He is not mine.  He is a gift from God.  I must treat him as such.
Second, you whisper to me.  Community, charity. There are so many to minister to in each moment.

Third, you guide me.  Through things not made by man. As the star guided the shepherds and the wise men.

Fourth, you reveal to me. Purity. It is found in the execution of the minutae.

Fifth, you teach me.  Keep searching. 

I offer this for James.  And yet, it is I who receive the grace.

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