Friday, May 4, 2012

Day Fourteen

The Lumious Mysteries tonight.

I began reading Michael E. Gaitely's 33 Days to Morning Glory.  In just the introduction I am humbled at taught. 

Mary understood free will more than we can describe.  It was her "yes" to the Holy Spirit that brought forth the redemption of the world.

I think about the moments in my life that are waiting for a "yes".  Fear and lack of faith in myself (which I am learning is more an attempt to control) hold me back. 

Tonight's mysteries as filled with moments of "yes".  Jesus being baptised.  John the Baptist baptising Jesus.  Jesus's first miracle.  In saying "yes" to Mary's request that he help the wedding, Jesus said "yes" to his public service. 

The most beautiful invitation to "yes" being in the form of Jesus's sacrifice. 

Help me to say yes, with my heart, my head and my life.

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